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Through consulting and coaching, the mission of the Boone Group is to help elevate individuals, organizations and communities. Our core services include Strategic Planning, Organizational Consulting, Executive Coaching, Board Development & Engagement, Success Planning & Leadership Transition, Corporate Social Responsibility, Philanthropic Advising, and Facilitation & Team Development for organizations and leaders who want to achieve big goals and make a difference in their communities and the world.

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Remote, Not Distant

Working on your internal relationships: How to keep your remote/hybrid team close, connected and aligned.Some people I talk to are exhilarated by the possibilities of remote and hybrid work. Others are less enthused.

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The Art of Gathering

Last month, I shared with you my positive review of “The Art of Gathering” by Priya Parker, a master facilitator, strategic advisor, and author. In that blog, I talked about her three-step process for planning a gathering that has purpose.

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Moving from Checkers to Chess

Chess is a game of strategy, patience and planning, risk and reward, and one that relies on the unique abilities of different pieces. Chess is a game of leadership.

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